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低調高手架構師 Back-end Developer Featured

你相信高手永遠是低調,在迅雷不及掩耳之際,你已把客戶的要求化身成為一列列行雲流水的Coding,產品成長過程中的護花使者,客戶總是不輕易察覺到你的付出,但你的實力使產品冼去鉛華裝飾後仍能屹立不倒 !  



  • Write web service and APIs documents and support front-end developers 
  • Implement of security and data protection
  • Plan & build scalable server architecture 
  • Work in our agile development team and familiar with task tracking, pushing code, code reviews, etc 



  • Love to solve challenging problems
  • Client cannot understand your effort, but we all  know you working hard at the back stage. 
  • Experienced in web application security such as injection, XSS, CSRF & ACL etc
  • Do not hard code, make good use of code reusability and contribute to the next:)



  • Back-end web: PHP / Codeigniter / Zend / / MVC framework
  • Authentication: Oauth 1.0 /2.0 
  • Database: Mysql / Mssql, MongoDB / Postgresql
  • big data: Hadoop / Spark 


You are welcome to send your resume to if you are looking for Internship / Part time job.

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